Camelot’s partnership with Michigan-based and family-owned Dairy Doo is just as natural as the sustainable, organic composts and potting soils that the company offers to both homeowners and agribusiness customers. 

Farmers, gardeners and others can utilize composts, soils and fertilizers that best fit their personal or professional needs. It may be a homeowner wanting to naturally neaten his or her lawn, or tending to and improving a vegetable or flower garden. Trees and shrubs can also be filled out with the use of Dairy Doo products. 

Dairy Doo touts its composting as one of the most fertile in the entire Midwest, mainly due to the quality of the process. The company uses food waste in its composting process, leading to more oxygen and more dead weed seeds. Food waste makes the biology work harder in the form of sugars, with said biology helping to release locked-up nutrients. 

Think of soils as storehouses for plant nutrients, the company states, as if soil is the stomach of a plant. Some nutrients exist while others need to tossed into the mix, such as carbon and minerals that better the overall biology. Carbon improves soil structure, moisture and nutrient retention capability. Minerals often become depleted in soils, which affects taste and health. 

Dairy Doo has products for all kinds of organic compost and fertilizer scenarios, including vegetable gardens, flower gardens, lawns, trees and shrubs, and food plots. Rather than utilize old methods of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers that can kill the microorganisms that help plants benefit from the soil’s nutrients, nematodes and bacteria are prevalent in rich soil and go further to rebuild soil in a healthy manner. 

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