What we do

We specialize in a comprehensive organic approach that will help your landscape thrive.

Eco-friendly and organic solutions whenever possible to keep your family safe.

Disease and pest control that works. Guaranteed. We even prevent problems before they start.

Plant Health Care maintains or improves the landscape’s appearance and vitality. Plant Health Care involves routine monitoring, preventive treatment and a strong working relationship between our arborist and property owner.

Every client has different landscape objectives, so there is not standard Plant Health Care Program. Plant Health Care involves monitoring tree and shrub health. This step allows problems to be detected and managed before they become serious. If a problem or potential problem is detected during a monitoring visit our arborist will work with you to develop a solution. Our arborist will provide you with information about your trees and shrubs that will let you make appropriate management decisions for you budget and goals. Plant Health Care is a program tailored to the needs of the client and their trees and shrubs. Because each program is individually designed to fit the needs of a particular landscape, no standard price can be given without a site visit and assessment. You will find that our arborist can design a Plant Health Care program that fits your goals and budget.

  • Insect and disease control
  • Deep root fertilization

  • Winter protection/anti-desiccant

  • Tree growth retardants and plant growth regulators

  • Tree aeration and root collar excavation

  • Compost Tea (made in house)

  • Girdling Root and Surgical Root Pruning

  • Tree injections

  • Horticultural Oil Sprays

  • Micronutrient Applications

  • Organic Plant Health Care Applications

  • Seasonal Fertilizations

  • Soil Analysis

  • Environmentally safe plant health care programs

  • Professional Diagnosis & Consultation

  • Crabapple Scab Applications

  • Ash Borer Applications

  • Bronze Birch (White) Borer Protection

  • Dutch Elm Disease

  • Spider Mite Sprays

  • Spring Fungicide Programs

Shrub Care

Tree and shrubs should be examined annually for pruning requirements. Often pruning is ignored for years. Then some shrubs become overgrown and often weak making drastic pruning a necessity to bring the shrub back to usefulness. Regular pruning will keep the plant in bounds and its growth vigorous. Pruning is necessary to maintain a healthy, vigorous tree or shrub.

Pruning can prevent a shrub from overgrowing its space in the landscape. Pruning can encourage shrub vigor through the removal of weak, over crowded growth. Such thinning often improves the visual balance or symmetry of the shrub. Pruning will aid in maintaining the shape, vigor and health of the shrub.

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Let’s Get Started