It’s that time of year when the leaves begin to change color, the weather cools down, and the echoes of a football game fill the air in your home. At Camelot, we embrace the arrival of autumn as the perfect opportunity to evaluate your landscape and address issues that could worsen by the next season. Below, we’ve outlined some of our most common services and treatments for the fall season.

Compost Tea 

Compost Tea is a natural, organic fertilizer derived from compost. It promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and protozoa, which enhance soil health. This, in turn, leads to thicker, greener, and overall healthier trees and plants. Compost Tea also reduces water loss in the soil, improves soil structure, and minimizes the potential impact of herbicides, chemical pesticides, and fertilizers.

Deep Root Feeding

Deep Root Feeding is a slow-release fertilizer that helps trees replenish nutrients lost during the harsh summer months. It also acts as a defense against insects, diseases, and adverse weather conditions. By injecting specially formulated fertilizer directly into the ground around a tree’s base, we ensure that the roots receive the necessary nutrients. This promotes healthy growth, strengthens the root system, and provides a long-lasting, time-release effect that extends into the winter season.

Air Spading

Air Spading involves gently addressing root and plant shrub issues by using compressed air to loosen soil. Unlike manual methods that risk damaging roots or utility lines, compressed air efficiently and safely breaks up compacted soil, untangles roots, checks for rot, and removes soil around the root collar. Aeration de-compacts the soil, improves water and nutrient flow, and creates drainage to prevent root saturation and decay. During this process, we can reintroduce missing organic materials and nutrients into the soil, addressing deficiencies and enhancing soil quality.


Early Fall is the ideal time to assess the health of your landscape because of the amount of information that can be collected and because autumn is the time to provide services that will have the greatest impact for long – term benefits. Our scouting visit includes: 

  • Identification of plant material 
  • Examination of plant material and determination of plant health 
  • Identification of abnormalities 
  • Determining the causes of plant issues, including insect infestations, diseases, or abiotic disorders
  • Analyzing soil type and health, including nutrient levels and pH
  • Evaluating plant locations and potential factors affecting plant health
  • Gathering historical information about your landscape

Prepare your landscape for the harsh winter and ensure it’s in excellent condition for the spring. Our board-certified master arborists are here to help! Contact us today to schedule a visit and keep your landscape thriving.