Organic Lawn Program

Provide the best care for your lawn with Camelot’s 100% organic and environmentally friendly treatment program.

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Organic Insect Control

Eliminate pests and keep your family safe with Camelot Tree & Shrub Co.’s organic insect control treatment.

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Plant Health Care

As the premier provider of plant health care our goal is to provide the very best in caring for your trees and shrubs.

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Do you know?

How many gallons of water does one large tree lift out of the ground and discharge it into the air in one day?

100 gallons of water!

Tree and Shrub Pruning and Removal

Leave the pruning of trees to the qualified professionals. Active maintenance will aid in the longterm health, visual balance, symmetry, shape, and vigor of shrubs.

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Do you know?

How many products are made from trees?

5,000 products!

Arborist Consultation

Does this tree pose a risk to my property? What’s the value of this tree? We can help determine the answers.

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Do you know?

How many pounds of carbon dioxide can one tree absorb per year?

48 pounds of carbon dioxide!

Seasonal Care

Timing of pruning, including:
  • Oak Wilt

  • Dutch Elm Disease

  • Flowering Trees

Timing of healthcare treatments:

Too numerous to get into the specifics. Timing is literally everything when it comes to disease treatment programs. In some cases, even missing the proper timing window by a single week can negatively impact the tree for the entire next year.

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