Suppose you are doing the traditional Sunday morning walk around your property, looking at your grass and trees and bushes and whatever other physical manifestations you are proud of that makes your home special.

But during your stroll you start to notice a thing here, or a thing there, on your lawn. It desperately needs work. You start to tell yourself you might need a complete do-over when it comes to your lawn and what made it once special. It’s thin now, and patchy, and looks lifeless.

Total lawn replacement isn’t the answer, though. Some field experts say that if a lawn is 50% intact, it’s better off to work to fix the problem rather than start from scratch. If you want to save your lawn and do it in approximately half the cost and time, look into lawn renovation. By the way of identifying the root cause of your lawn’s frailties, you can be on your way to reversing the fortune of the lawn.

Maybe it’s poor soil conditions, including draining issues, that finally took a toll. Perhaps it’s heavy clay or compacted soils; it could be pests or rough weather conditions, or maybe even user error on the account of the homeowner and not conducting the best lawn practices.

Some renovation scenarios could be simple to fix, like via the use of fertilizer, proper mowing or watering. Other scenarios could realistically involve additional seeding work or adhering to more complex work that doesn’t cause grass removal. If soil structure remains solid, there’s hope in the renovation process.

It could be a seasonal topic of discussion and, ultimately, presents a choice for the homeowner on how to better the lawn without a complete overhaul. Summers can be humid, dry and notorious for little rainfall. That obviously hurts the grass and soil and limits the nutrients needed to survive and thrive. So, maybe determining a plan in a season like fall could show what the grass really looks like, proving context against the backdrop of bright-colored leaves.

In the fall, the soil remains warm while the air becomes cooler. It becomes a breeding ground for grass seed germination. The experts at Camelot understand how to facilitate this process, by way of their new-world approach of organic lawn treatment. By using beneficial organisms and natural food sources that maximize plant health and appearance, Camelot can make your lawn stand out in areas like increased turf density, turf vigor and drought tolerance.

Regarding ongoing maintenance, Camelot provides eco-friendly and organic solutions. Learn more about our Husqvarna Automower® robotic lawn mower and Organic Lawn Program.

It’s environmentally friendly while simultaneously building your soil back up to par. Call Camelot today to improve that post-summer lawn.