The warmer weather can bring about some headaches, like a lawn full of weeds, brown grass and a yard buzzing with mosquitos. It’s almost like it happens overnight! All of a sudden, your lawn is covered with clovers or dandelions, and you can’t enjoy your patio without constantly swatting. Camelot’s eco-friendly experts have the solutions for you! 

Get Beautiful Lush Grass with Camelot’s Organic Lawn Fertilization Program 

You can try mowing short or using at-home fertilizers, but those are considered short-term solutions for a long-term problem. You need to build organic matter by improving root growth underneath soil, strengthen plants’ natural defense systems, stimulate the natural life of soil, lower the stress of droughts and enhance water distribution and retention. 

Our 100% organic and environmentally friendly lawn program uses beneficial organisms and natural food sources to maximize health and appearance. It will make your lawn the nicest on the block, due to positive changes in the forms of increased turf density, turf vigor and drought tolerance. 

We only use organic fertilizers that are biodegradable, reducing the effects of pollution on the environment. Not only does the elimination of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides improve safety for your children and pets, but organic fertilizers are more durable than chemical fertilizers and will stay in soil longer while releasing more nutrients. 

Bring Brown Lawn Back to Life with Moisture Manager  

As temperatures rise and rainfall fluctuates on annual cycles, your lawn may be crying for hydration. “Drought stress” is something very real and stretches with lack of precipitation can harm or eliminate all the hard work you put into your lawn.   

Camelot’s Moisture Manager is a liquid group of hygroscopic and humectant components that attract moisture. This allows for microscopic water droplets to form within the root zone, allowing for plants to properly utilize the soil moisture. This treatment is not a routine wetting agent, but rather uses 50% less water to attract vapors that turn into tiny droplets between watering sessions. Those droplets form due to the water vapor left behind when soil dries allowing your lawn to flourish and get healthy both visually and underneath the soil. 

Get the beautiful green lawn you’ve been wanting and save on your water bills with this 100% organic and environmentally friendly service. 

Enjoy Your Yard with Our Organic Insect Control Program 

Summer’s biggest nuisance: Mosquitos. Sprays and candles might help you temporarily dodge the blood suckers, but you probably want a more permanent solution. Enjoy your summer by forcing the pests to vacate the premises because they’re not going to let up on their own! 

Camelot’s Organic Insect Control Program utilizes a treatment called Galahad Armor Guard — an all-organic spray that will aid in managing the population of mosquitoes and other pesky insects like fleas, ants, ticks and spiders. Our non-staining cedar spray that can be applied directly to home foundation walls, along with beds and grasses that surround the home perimeter. The spray contains no pesticides and is 100% organic, leaving behind no lingering odors that tend to be customary with bug sprays. 

These Are All Eco-Friendly Solutions 

We chose this route because it is not only more economical for the customer, but it better aids natural life, benefiting the entire ecosystem as a whole. Rather than constantly worrying about a child or a family pet getting ill due to shady chemicals present in your landscape, you can do things the natural way and take a load off your shoulders. 

With over 35 years of experience in the industry, our experts help your landscape thrive in a safe and healthy manner, for the short term and the long run. Our Summer services not only curtail insect and disease problems but also build foundational soil, fertilize and conserve water. Contact Camelot today to learn more about treating your piece of the Earth.