We have all seen those lawns. You know, the ones where grass seems to grow at different shades. There are probably some brownish-colored patches in a sea of green, indicating that thinning and potential lawn disease is already occurring.

The sight is unseemly, for both the homeowner and everyone who sees the house and wonders why the soil and grass aren’t up to par. Sometimes, action is required to maintain the aesthetic beauty of a nice lawn while simultaneously keeping it healthy for the long run.

Loosening compact soil in an organic manner, between the soil and its roots, is a step in the right direction. But if you wait, the possibility of your lawn regaining its color and form can be a lengthy process. Those brown patches don’t go away overnight, or even over the course of possible weeks. And as temperatures rise and fluctuate on annual cycles, your lawn may be crying for water and hydration more some years than others.

We at Camelot have a soil application that is perfect for anybody, and for any need. Our method of retaining soil hydration is important because, as we all know, heavy rainfalls and droughts are just all too common. If it rains almost daily for a month, we know that pattern won’t last forever. On the flip side, the exact opposite could occur the following month and then you just beg for some rain before your grass goes to the gutter.

That type of “drought stress” is something very real. Stretches of lack of precipitation can harm or eliminate all the hard work you put in your lawn in the first place, which can be exhausting. But with our method of hydration, we prevent water being wasted by retaining moisture that already comes naturally. That way, when the sun appears with its bright self, you the homeowner don’t have to water the soil as much because that moisture is being better controlled. And the great thing is that if too much water exists, it will be pushed out and that extra moisture will dissipate.

Maintaining a strong soil is a key for success, both in the short term and the long term. It gives your lawn its vitality, with the hydration mechanisms working overtime to deliver strong results.

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