If you walk or drive by and witness a lawn that has some dreadful brown spots, you likely think that the lawn is unhealthy — and you would be accurate in that assessment.

Moisture management begins at the roots. If your lawn has some ugly brown patches, you should immediately consider Camelot’s Moisture Manager. This is not some routine wetting agent; it’s actually a liquid group of hygroscopic and humectant components that attracts moisture. This allows for microscopic water droplets to form within the root zone, allowing for plants to properly utilize the soil moisture.

Another huge plus associated with the use of Moisture Manager is that it uses 50% less water. Your lawn and garden will flourish and get healthy both visually and underneath the soil, due to the attraction of vapors that turn into tiny droplets between watering sessions. Those droplets actually form due to the water vapor left behind when soil dries.

This is yet another offering from Camelot Tree & Shrub that adheres to our organic lawn care program, which is 100% organic and environmentally friendly and uses the earth’s organisms to maximize plant health and appearance. We don’t mess with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides because they are more harmful to children and pets while not staying in the soil as long or providing enough nutrients.

Our organic fertilizers lead to better soil health due to building up organic matter within soil; they improve root growth beneath the soil; they strengthen plants’ natural defense systems; they stimulate the natural life of soil; they lower the stress of droughts when water resources are limited; and they enhance water distribution and retention in lawn and soil.

Get the beautiful green lawn you’ve been wanting and save on your water bills, all while trusting a reputable company that does things the earthly way. Give us a call today to take advantage of Moisture Manager, or find out more information, at (313) 884-1699.