In 2019 Camelot Tree & Shrub announced its newest offering: the Husqvarna Automower.

Combining the aspects of a traditional lawnmower with the intelligence of smart technology has allowed for our customers to relish in picture-perfect lawns that save them time for other less laborious activities.

Whereas traditional mowers are brought out of sheds and garages when grass height reaches noticeable annoyance, the Automower can be utilized and executed to perform when the grass is any height. The frequency of its use is up to the owner of the property; keeping your lawn consistently clean in curb appeal is no longer a dream.

First, if you are of the mindset that this device may skip over some parts of your lawn or not keep length uniform, don’t fret. This technology is trustworthy because it on runs on programmed schedules that create lawn patterns that assure every inch of your lawn is up to par. That’s right: You can program the Automower in advance and watch it do its thing from afar, or leave the house and not even watch it all.

Are you still skeptical? Look at how the Automower functions when compared to traditional mowers.

Rather than cut lawn, like an old-school mower, the Automower clips and simultaneously fertilizes your grass. Non-fixed blades immediately cease when the machine is lifted. Have children or pets, or both? This machine can be docked immediately upon the presence of others.

Our experts install a wire when you first get the Automower, so that the device will stay in your yard and cut your lawn — rather than cross the street and work on your neighbor’s grass. Speaking of neighbors, it’s a quiet machine that won’t bug them. It can even run without nuisance at nighttime.

Not only do anti-theft features make sure your device is safely in use on your property, but the Automower can even sense when weather is not conducive to the cause of clipping your grass. While it can run in wet and rainy conditions, the device will return to its charging station if downpours become too overwhelming.

This state-of-the-art device is great for lawns big and small, for individuals or for families. Call Camelot Tree & Shrub today to move forward into the 21st century and use this life-changing technology.