When we think of Summer we think of hot weather and happy feelings. But it’s not all sunshine and butterflies. Whether it be a brown lawn from the dry heat or bare branches from struggling trees, we want to help you solve all issues that may arise on your property.  

Let’s discuss some of the most common landscape problems faced by homeowners so that you’ll soon have the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood! 

My Lawn is FULL of weeds!

There are DIY solutions to kill weeds and do lawn renovations but those are short-term solutions for long-term problems. It’s really about the root growth under the soil. Increasing beneficial organisms will improve turf density, turf vigor and drought tolerance. Putting an organic fertilizer to work is the way to go. These treatments will stay in the soil longer, release more nutrients, are safer for your family and pets, and are better for the environment.  

Should I be doing anything to care for my trees?

Watering and pruning are important parts of tree care but there’s no one steadfast rule for these duties as climate and species play a major role. It’s best to have a certified and experienced arborist visit your property to assess the plants and make specific recommendations.  

Why use organic products and treatments?

Removing synthetics and pesticides from fertilizers not only improves overall soil health but also assures the safety of your family and pets. Additionally, we want to keep the earth healthy and using naturally made and biodegradable products means less pollution. We choose organic plant health care solutions because they’re not only better aesthetically, but it’s more economical for the customer and benefits the entire ecosystem. 

My yard is brown. How do I bring everything back to life in this heat?

As temperatures rise and rainfall fluctuates on annual cycles, your lawn may be crying for hydration. “Drought stress” is something very real and stretches with lack of precipitation can harm or eliminate all the hard work you put into your lawn.  

Camelot’s Moisture Manager is a liquid group of hygroscopic and humectant components that attract moisture. This allows for microscopic water droplets to form within the root zone, allowing for plants to properly utilize the soil moisture. This treatment is not a routine wetting agent, but rather uses 50% less water to attract vapors that turn into tiny droplets between watering sessions. Those droplets form due to the water vapor left behind when soil dries allowing your lawn to flourish and get healthy both visually and underneath the soil. 

Hire an Arborist!

Your landscape is an investment that requires proper care, just like everything else on your property. Trained, certified arborists know how to maintain plants for the safety of the public and the health of the tree or shrub. From pruning and plant health care to planting and emergencies, it’s essential that you enlist the help of experts.  

Our board-certified master arborists are ready to help your landscape thrive. Call today to get on our schedule for a scouting visit!