If you think you should lay off the landscaping because it’s the fall season, you might want to think again.

We at Camelot Tree and Shrub Co. offer year-round service, notably with two of our products: deep root feeding and compost tea treatment. These are additional methods to the numerous services we already provide to homes and businesses.

Deep root feeding, the process of injecting formulated fertilization straight into the ground around a tree’s base in order to spread across the roots, is crucial for allowing trees to simultaneously heal and grow.

Not only does the treatment lead to a stronger root system due to stimulation of healthy growth, but it refills vital vitamins and nutrients as part of a time-release effect that lasts for months. That’s why fall is a perfect time to do this treatment, as you can expect positive results to last at least into the winter season.

The risks of avoiding such treatment are most apparent during heavy rainfall periods, when soil tends to disintegrate and could cause trees to uproot. And trees already prone to root could be more susceptible.

Compost tea treatment, on the other hand, involves a natural organic fertilizer made from compost that gives bacteria, fungi and protozoa, etc. an opportunity to increase. It contains nutrients soluble from compost extraction, leading to natural growth underground that will ultimately result in thicker, greener and overall healthier trees and plants.

Other benefits include a reduction in soil water loss in the soil, improving tillage due to better soil structure, and reducing the potential effects of herbicides, chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers.

Whether you are worried about your trees or plants or both, call Camelot today to get in touch with our experts who can get you ready for fall and all the other seasons.