Taking care of the environment is important. So is taking care of your piece of land including your trees, shrubs, and entire environment.

We at Camelot always want to lend a hand in that process. Soil is vital to the ecosystem, with the first 5 to 7 inches of soil being vital due to containing live roots, oxygen and decayed matter. Organic care helps to establish a rich soil foundation, with proper soil maintenance leading to the promotion of natural growth. Simultaneously, harmful and disease-causing organisms become less of a hindrance.

One way to keep soil vibrant is to use compost teas — a natural organic fertilizer made from compost that gives bacteria, fungi and protozoa, etc. an opportunity to increase while utilizing nutrients in water.

Your soil’s beneficial microorganisms are aplenty. Decomposers are the most beneficial bacteria, due to consuming dead plant material while producing nutrients that the soil can consume as needed. Fungi can decompose materials found in soil, like dead wood for example, and retain nutrients. Protozoa and nematodes feed on bacteria and fungi found in soil, releasing unneeded nutrients back into the soil — in effect aiding plants because they can consume said nutrients and complete a functioning cycle.

An extraction process, which involves items like garlic and fish emulsion, causes multiplication and creates food for your plants and lawn. The effects can be multiple, often resulting in a reduction in soil compaction as well as relief around tree roots. In turn, this allows for water and air to move more freely through the soil, adding to the matter and fulfilling that aforementioned organic cycle.

But while compost teas have been found to increase plant health and vitality, it is still essential to care for plants and soil in all regards. Compost teas won’t fix everything. If pesticides or chemical fertilizers are being utilized, the effects will likely be negative in the long run. Other aspects out of human control, such as droughts or floods, can also pose problems for bountiful soil environments. Protecting soil and aiding in its natural biology can help deter the effects of non-man made actions.

Call Camelot today to give your soil love, in the form of compost teas. It could be a game-changer for your home environment.