Sometimes, when it comes to lawn care and doing things around the house, people think they can do it all: maintain the inside of the home, help the plants grow and the flowers bloom. But the fact remains that hiring a professional, such as a board certified master arborist, can make a world of difference.

These are individuals who are certified in their field of expertise, understanding the art and science of cultivation methodology, as well as maintaining and caring for trees. Need a trim? An arborist can prune that to your liking, without harming the tree. Diseases and pests can be located and properly eradicated. Also, different tree species often require different treatments — something an arborist can help explain and teach homeowners how to do for their own benefit.

When it comes to pruning, arborists bring numerous benefits when trimming or removing limbs: not interfering with utilities and structures; not impeding streets or sidewalks; remove debris from weather situations; knowing how to dispose of dead, weak or rotted branches that could pose other risks.

Tree removal, which is viewed as a last resort-type situation, should be decided upon by a certified arborist. This often done when a tree is dead or dying; considered an unacceptable risk; causes a major obstruction; or should be replaced by a different, more healthy and vibrant specimen.

Other reasons to hire an arborist can include preventing injury, for yourself or for others, as well as preventing lawsuits — which are possible if your trees negatively impact your neighbor’s property, or an even a passerby on the sidewalk.

Selecting the right tree and hiring an arborist can add property value, all while loosening your wallet in the long run. It’s a win-win situation.

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