In the lawn and tree care community, trimming and pruning are routinely viewed as some of the most important things you can do to assure long-term health and vitality.

We at Camelot believe that trimming and pruning are akin to an art form — a science of sorts that allows trees to not only become and remain healthy, but also stimulates growth and aids in appearance. Experts like us know the biology of trees and can properly diagnose what makes a tree “tick.” We use our skills and knowledge to eliminate the bad parts of a tree without harming its future, or damaging what is already there.

Pruning cycles can last for three to five years in some instances, although size, type and health all play determining factors. And when it comes to the health of your trees, you should always hire experts who are well-versed in the process. If you, the homeowner, decided to have a go at trimming and pruning yourself and make an error or two, it could potentially cause serious damage to the living thing. In turn, the repercussions can be less than desirable.

Some might think that trimming and pruning should be completed in early spring, but by that point you’re already behind the game. When branches are bare, they are easier to see and attend to with proper equipment. Also, trees tend to become dormant and halt growth in the late fall-early winter stages of the calendar year.

This, combined with colder temperatures, allows experts to prune with successful outcomes. Arborists who are able to easily navigate the hard earth and see exactly what they need to do above simplifies the process. Not only does it aesthetically prepare trees from the upcoming spring and summer seasons, it also may save homeowners time and money due to preventing potential diseases.

Get ahead of the game and address your trees’ condition, all with a phone call to us at (313) 884-1699.