Is Camelot making a scouting visit to your property? If you answered ‘no’ then you should read about why we should be. 

What is scouting?

Our board-certified master arborists and plant health care specialists will pay a visit to literally scout your property, following a meticulous assessment to find out what is healthy and what is not. They are the experts for identifying and assessing your environment. 

Scouting includes: 

  • Identification of plant material 
  • Examination of plant material and determination of plant health 
  • Identification of abnormalities 
  • Cause of plant problems due to insect, disease or abiotic disorders 
  • Establish soil type and soil health (a soil analysis for nutrient levels and PH is highly recommended). 
  • Assessing plant location and any activity or other factors that have the potential to affect the health of the plants 
  • Gathering any history about the landscape that may have an effect on the plant 
  • Determining whether any aspect of the landscape is experiencing detrimental plant health 

Our plant health care specialists use over 20 identifiers to thoroughly determine the status of your property and make recommendations for best practices to produce a healthy and vibrant landscape and ensure longevity. 

Why is it important?

Information from our scouting visits can be extremely helpful in having knowledge about your property and what it may need to survive and thrive. This is because of the fundamental principle of plant health care, that the entire landscape is a managed unit and should be viewed as an ecosystem. Monitoring your trees and shrubs keeps your ecosystem vibrant and successful, leading to a positive future with more enjoyment and fewer worries. 

What are Camelot’s scouting recommendations?

Scouting should be done annually. At Camelot, we advise for scouting to occur in summer or early fall due to the availability of information that can be studied and monitored. After all, the key to assure your surroundings are as healthy as possible is a visual assessment. Additionally, plant health care treatments and services conducted in the autumn season also pose the best long-term benefits. 

Our experts are ready to help your landscape thrive. Call today to get on our schedule for a scouting visit!