If you live in Michigan, you are well acclimated with the state’s weather patterns.

Tepid springs evolve into often blistering summers, then the heat subsides in the fall and eventually leads to bitter frost — a winter season that causes most people to hide in their homes, underneath blankets and near fireplaces.

But when it comes to nature, and more specifically the outdoor landscaping that seems desolate in the cold, there are proper ways to mediate. And in doing so, homeowners get one step ahead in the game if they follow a few tips prior to hibernation.

That includes the deep-root application of a slow-release fertilizer that makes trees and shrubs less susceptible to damage from insects, weather and disease. It will also tend to lead to a more vivacious environment come spring.

Pruning is another way to maintain tree health, by way of removing dead or dying branches and “shaping” them in a certain way for future successful growth and vibrancy. The benefits of pruning during dormancy is that branches are easily visible, and simultaneously no buds are harmed in the process.

Laying down a small layer of mulch is a good way to limit weeds in a plant and tree beds once spring arrives. Watering can prove to be fruitful for roots due to roots’ continuation to grow, even in cold temperatures. Leaves also lose moisture during the winter.

It’s also important to avoid salt, due to its negative impact on trees. It can have a harmful effect on the general landscape, even if salt levels will vanish by the spring.

Overall, the ability for experts to see the property landscape and address any irregularities — such as potential safety hazards, signs that trees or plants need attention, or signs of insect or disease — further lends credence that the fall and winter seasons should not be overlooked.

Call our experts today and they can address each and all of your concerns today.

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