We have a Fall special that you do not want to miss.

For a limited time only, Camelot is offering compost tea with deep root fertilization fall treatments for the cost of just $99 for up to 500 square feet. There is a discounted rate for treatment over 500 square feet.

What is Compost Tea Treatment?

Compost teas are natural and organic fertilizers made from compost, “feeding” your lawn with the bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms necessary for it to thrive. Because soil near the earth’s surface contains oxygen, live roots and decayed matter, this type of lawn care will assure a more stable and attractive foundation, starting right at the dirt.

Compost tea contains all nutrients soluble from compost extraction. These species all work together in a certain rhythm, combining biology that makes the entire process of using compost tea and deep root fertilization safe and beneficial — for both plants and homeowners.

This treatment is beneficial in many ways. Natural growth underground will lend itself toward growth above the ground, resulting in thicker, greener and overall healthier plants. As water and air move about in a freer fashion as a result of such treatment, it creates a more stable environment that protects from winter damage, insects, disease and other cultural aspects.

Other benefits of compost tea includes: reduction in water loss in the soil, while improving water-holding mechanisms; improving tillage due to providing better soil structure, making sure all sorts of organisms work together to achieve peak success; and increasing nutrients in all the right places, simultaneously reducing the possible effects of herbicides, chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers.

What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep root fertilization is the process of injecting formulated fertilization straight into the ground, around the base of a tree — and in turn spreading to the tree’s roots.

Why does your landscape need this treatment? The simple answer is, you just don’t have control over many aspects of nature. Sometimes, tree leaves change color too early in the fall season. Increased levels of rainfall can make nutrients in the soil dissipate in a negative fashion, possibly causing trees to uproot. Trees already are prone to issues with roots, due to different aspects of everyday life blocking growth, including streets and sidewalks. Some trees are damaged, diseased, insect-infested or simply stressed out.

Deep root fertilization presents multiple benefits for the tree and the general landscape, including a stronger root system; the stimulation of healthy new growth; and it refills vital vitamins and nutrients. And since it has a time-release effect, nutrients will be pumped in the root system for months to come. So, if you conduct the process in the fall, the positive effects will remain come winter.

Take advantage of $99 Compost Tea with Deep Root Fertilization Fall Treatment for a Limited Time Only

Healthier roots and better overall soil absorption are reasons enough to take advantage of this limited-time deal at Camelot. Call today to reserve your treatment: (313) 884-1699