Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. has more than three decades of experience in lawn care, plant health and insect control. No matter the season, we can provide you and your family with an easygoing experience where we do the dirty work and you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

This is especially helpful come summertime when the amount of outdoor events seem to increase a gigantic amount due to everybody wanting to take advantage of the warm temperatures and the fun lifestyle. Such events where lawn care and insect control are paramount include weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, holiday celebrations, and family reunions.

Our plan helps to eliminate the most annoying of insects and pests, among other creatures, due to a procedure we utilize and endorse called the Galahad Armor Guard. This all-organic treatment will help to manage the population of pesky insects like fleas, ants, ticks, spiders and mosquitoes — with the latter insect being an especially big nuisance during summer evenings.

It’s not just lawn, though. Camelot has its own non-staining cedar spray that can be applied directly to home foundation walls, as well as beds and grasses that surround the home perimeter. The spray, which contains no pesticides and is 100% organic, allows for homeowners to be fully prepared ahead of a big social event.

Pesticides will normally leave lingering smells where our organic insect control eliminates that foul odor. Also, organic materials will not physically stain your home, in the form of residue on your property. Our experienced professionals can administer the treatment without any formal preparation.

Protect your home, your family, friends and guests — and even yourself — by calling Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. at (313) 884-1699 to schedule an appointment prior to your next big event.