As with many things in life, human beings often find something that works better and more efficiently. It’s the way of the world, to find products that make life easier.

In the world of landscaping and lawn care, that product has been the Automower. We recently partnered with Husqvarna — the world’s largest producer of outdoor equipment — to take lawn care to the next level. It uses high-grade technology that a homeowner can set on a schedule and visibly witness it trekking back and forth, cutting every inch of your lawn.

It was another step in the world of autonomy, where push mowers and even riding mowers are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past.

So, what are the benefits aside from saving you time and energy and even money?

For one, you get the grass you want. If you like to keep your lawn short, to a level that mirrors AstroTurf, this machine can do that for you (and do it successfully). Brown scalping spots and uneven spots are minimal or, more likely, nonexistent.

The sharp razors that compose the Automower work in cohesion, mincing grass like a juicer minces your favorite fruits and vegetables. The clippings are so fine that it’s an afterthought to even pick up, as they fertilize your property and literally disappear, allowing for you to go about your day.

When you consider all the other up-to-date features of this technology — such as the ability to work in dry or wet weather, or how it is quiet and can be utilized in different times of day, or that it offers GPS tracking and possesses an anti-theft alarm — there is really no reason not to try this product.

You can change your lawn and your life by utilizing the Automower. Make 2020 a new start in your career of cutting, all by letting a machine do it for you. Call Camelot today to learn more about the Automower and experience it for yourself.