Arborists wear a lot of hats.

These certified professionals’ careers include numerous responsibilities associated with trees, including: fertilizer or insecticide treatments to prevent disease or other invasive species; maintenance, such as pruning that can help trees grow stronger while chopping off limbs and branches that are weaker overall; removing dead or decaying trees that are beyond able to be rejuvenated; and providing general tree care advice, tips and tricks to homeowners.

Pruning, for example, can have numerous benefits beyond the general welfare and growth of a tree. Expert arborists at Camelot Trees and Shrub Co. will advise pruning on residential or commercial properties not only to discard dead or rotting branches, but also to steer branches clear of utility lines or over sidewalk paths—the latter of which can result in pedestrian injuries if weak branches do happen to fall.

Our arborist experts also reduce the potential for lawsuits due to falling tree limbs on neighbors’ properties, such as vehicles or power lines.

Arborists can also detail the countless ways invasive pests, rodents and other lifeforms can turn your trees into nightmares. Rather than put off a closer look at your trees’ health and make a call when disease begins to spread, we advise our customers to be proactive and inquire to our experts what can be done to limit or overall prevent diseases and infestations before they take the tree by the root.

The overarching reason that our arborists should be trusted and called immediately is the fact that they are trained to work with trees as part of their everyday lives. Just as you would visit a doctor to seek a medical opinion regarding a bodily condition, arborists serve the same purpose when it comes to trees.

Call Camelot today to get in touch with our arborists, so your trees can be treated with the respect they deserve.