In the current state of technology, where people are literally hands-free, new and improved inventions are becoming more and more commonplace.

At Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. we’ve seen the fluid transition in our approximate 35 years of business. Advancements have lent themselves towards the prospering of our customers, who receive more and better equipment and expert tips than ever before.

A big recent addition to our fleet has been the robotic lawnmower. We partnered with Husqvarna due to them being the world’s largest producer of outdoor equipment. The mower performs as it sounds: on its own, on a custom schedule or otherwise, and keeps your lawn looking as great as ever without taking up people’s time.

This new trend is something Husqvarna has been part of for a while, on the basis of being at the forefront of new, developing changes in the industry. While amateur and professional lawn care experts are veering on a path towards such autonomous, battery-powered machinery, it’s simultaneously pleasing consumers who have experienced a change in their own personal preferences.

It is nothing new for Husqvarna, a company that has been around for more than three centuries. The Automower robotic mower was actually introduced in 1995, in a period where technology was not nearly what it is today. Since then, more than 1.5 million units have been sold.

Aside from the obvious fact of users not having to lug around walking mowers or purchasing costly riding mowers, the Automower offers environmental benefits that are commonplace in today’s society. One big aspect is the preservation of energy, all while eliminating direct carbon emissions due to the use of gasoline-powered engines. Also, finer cuts lead to less overall fertilizer consumption.

“Battery-powered products represent an ever-growing share of our business, a trend that will continue into the foreseeable future,” said Anders Johanson, senior vice president for innovation and technology for Husqvarna, in a recent Forbes interview. “The shift to battery generates value for many reasons. It delivers opportunities to use renewable energy sources, it improves safety and versatility, and creates no direct emissions, less vibration and lower noise levels.”

He continued by saying that it’s not just individuals utilizing the Automower these days. Now, businesses and even entire cities are trying to be environmentally friendly.  Those in industries that attend to tree care, urban forestry and parks want to be on the battery-powered train.

Take advantage of this advancement. Spend less time mowing next year and let the eco-friendly Automower do the work. Call Camelot today. You won’t regret it.