It’s time to assess or reassess the health of your landscape.

The late summer-early fall timeframe allows for you to examine plant health care in its vital role as an entire ecosystem — a large part of which includes trees and shrubs that are not only visually appealing, but also lend themselves toward the physical and structural nature of a home environment.

One of our board-certified arborists or well-trained plant health care specialists can provide you with the insight necessary to keep your property in tip-top shape. These experts can highlight the condition experienced by your plant life, subsequently followed by an honest assessment of what you should do to maintain its vitality on multiple levels. If that requires doing something different or additional in how you care for it, that information will most certainly be relayed.

This scouting portion of the assessment, as it is known, includes multiple methods of discovering whether the health and beauty of your environmental landscape can be maximized to its full potential.

These methods include identifying plant materials and examining them for proper health determinations; identifying abnormalities, or causes of plant problems due to insects, diseases or abiotic disorders; figuring out whether nutrient levels and PH are satisfactory in soil and benefiting its health; and using an accumulated history of the landscape to conclude whether any other factors may play a negative role.

A plant care specialist will use over 20 identifiers in total to determine how your property can be “lifted up” and brought to its maximum effectiveness, in health and visual appeal.

Now is the best time to contact us to set up a consultation, preparing your landscape through a tumultuous winter and having it in great shape once spring rolls around again. Call us today or visit to have one of our experts on your property as soon as possible.