The sun is blistering hot, the climate is humid. It’s a perfect time to be outside and enjoy everything nature has to offer. Unfortunately, it’s also the perfect time for insects to remind us that they exist.

One of the biggest nuisances since the dawn of time has been mosquitoes. You might get away with dodging them one night while you’re on the back patio with your family or friends with sprays or candles. But most times mosquitoes make themselves known, and they will be sure to inform you of their presence by sucking your blood and leaving itchy bumps on your skin!

There are different reasons mosquitoes may be more prevalent in your property’s vicinity. It could be an influx of standing water, which draws the insect in and encourages it to hang around a while. Female mosquitoes actually lay their larvae on top of standing water, so be sure to empty all surrounding containers after a rain event.

Another reason to avoid mosquitoes beyond the bumps and itchiness is the more serious effects of having your blood drawn, notably diseases like Zika and West Nile Virus. While they are mostly uncommon to lead to anything serious, it is something to think about.

Luckily, Camelot Tree & Shrub will put in the work for your social space so you don’t have to. Our insect control program is available to help!

We utilize and endorse a product called Galahad Armor Guard — an all-organic treatment that will aid to manage the population of mosquitoes and other pesky insects like fleas, ants, ticks and spiders and mosquitoes. We also have our own non-staining cedar spray that can be applied directly to home foundation walls, along with beds and grasses that surround the home perimeter. The spray contains no pesticides and is 100% organic, leaving behind no lingering odors that tend to be customary with pesticides.

Address that mosquito problem before it’s too late, because we all know they don’t let up and need a reason to vacate the premises. Call Camelot Tree & Shrub today so your summer can be full of peace and quiet.