Here at Camelot, we believe in treating your yard with the utmost respect. That includes treatment methods that are the most ethical, eco-friendly and organic.

Using treatments that are eco-friendly and organic is important to us. This is the best way to assure that you, the customer, is happy with our services. But maybe more importantly, it preserves the general ecosystem and the vitality of the trees and greens on your property. Everybody wins.

As time passes and technological advancements continue to evolve and progress at rapid rates, it allows for us to properly conform to the changes and fulfill a more sustainable business and product line. We have the knowledge it takes to deliver results through many of our platforms, including plant health, organic insect control and our organic lawn program.

For example, having an organic lawn pays dividends in multiple ways. In the olden days, all products essentially contained chemicals that were later found to be harmful to the health of plants and lawns — which, in essence, makes human beings pay the health price because they are surrounded by this natural life. When you’re mowing your grass, or your children are throwing the ball around on your property, the last thing you should worry about is chemicals affecting them negatively.

The elimination of contaminated weed killers, fungicides and chemical insecticides can go a long way. Avoiding these while taking advantage of our programs — in addition to routine maintenance like proper watering, mowing and fertilization — will aid in the health of your greenery.

Some examples include the elimination of weeds in a natural and non-chemical way, which in turn removes the unpleasant weeds while simultaneously improving the growth of the grass in your yard. And speaking of grass, different grass textures may react differently to exorbitant heat — notably in the summer months where temperatures rise without hesitance. We can make sure that grass stays bright and healthy, all naturally.

This includes soil treatment and hydration services that we also offer. This is especially useful when the dry doldrums affect your plant life.

At Camelot Tree & Shrub Co., we are always investigating and employing the latest and greatest methods for taking care of your yard in the safest, most effective ways possible.