Trees are everywhere and all around us. Not only do these magnificent lifeforms provide visual appeal in our daily lives, but they do wonders in our general ecosystem.

However, trees are like every living thing in that they need to be treated and accounted for in different ways. Some of those efforts can fall by the wayside, which is why experts like those at Camelot Tree and Shrub Co. can provide tips to take care of your trees in the most fruitful ways.

For example, trees need space in the same manner most humans do. When you plant trees too close to one another, not only do they battle for resources like water that increase sustainability, you also risk the chance for roots becoming intertwined. That is a whole bigger problem.

Speaking of water, irrigation is an integral part of tree growth and vitality. If you’re experiencing a dry summer or the hardships of a drought, then trees in your vicinity are experiencing it as well. Less water and nutrients make trees less able to combat invasive species or grow healthy as intended.

Tasks like pruning, especially when trees are still not yet mature, can reduce the opportunity for “weak” branches to exist. However, don’t go overboard. Too much pruning, on a tree top or just too many branches, can reduce photosynthesis and actually increase the chances for disease.

Meanwhile, mulch can protect tree roots while simultaneously fertilizing soil. Mulch should be distributed at least a couple feet from the tree’s base, reducing the risk of insects, rodents and other invasive species from setting up camp.

Other easy ways to take care of trees include not planting them too low so that they don’t get enough oxygen; also, reducing or eliminating altogether the use of turf grass around tree bases.

For more tips on how to properly care for trees, or to rehabilitate sick trees, call Camelot today.