The arrival of spring is a thrill for all: warmer weather, outdoor activities, and a wave goodbye to treacherous weather and cold tempteratures associated with dreary winter seasons. 

With the good comes the bad, however. Emerging insect and plant diseases, coupled with more pests and critters, take advantage of the spring season and can make your good times miserable. But with some help from experts at Camelot Tree and Shrub Co., your worries can be washed away. 

Now is actually the best time to take care of your property as it relates to these unwanted occurrences. Starting in April and concluding in June, there is a window of opportunity for our experts to fend off the bad and keep things healthy and tidy. 

One of the big adversaries is fungus. Fungi can have an array of pervasive effects, essentially stealing plants’ energy and causing a great deal of damage in forms that include scabbing, wilting, molds, rust and mildew. Apple scab and anthracnose mildew are specific examples of how fungi can negatively impact your property. 

To combat these effects, Camelot recommends the application of fungicides to be performed at this time of year. Fungicides can keep plants healthy and help inhibit or slow down the growth of fungi. The more fungi that is prevented, the more mature your plants will grow and the better seed that will be yielded.  

Two to three treatments could lead to a successful spring and extend into the summer season. Not only will the aforementioned effects be properly dealt with, but trees and shrubs will also benefit! 

For more tips or to treat your property as recommended by our series of experts, call Camelot today at (313) 884-1699.