Spring has sprung. As a change of seasons is finally upon us, it is the opportune time for you to delve into the excess of services Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. provides in relation to the trees, shrubs and lawn that make up your property.

Spring plant health care programs protect emerging growth from insects, pests and disease. Our safer, organic practices set the foundation for a healthy growing season. Our experts provide expertise on what your home and gardens need — whether it’s sprucing something up that may have been neglected for years, or employing an all-in-one eco-friendly solution for proper management of grass, shrubs, trees, gardens and insects.

Not only do we believe in our eco-friendly products that serve our customers, but they also aid all of us simultaneously by way of benefiting the general ecosystem. When trees and gardens and the like are treated in responsible ways, everybody wins. And as technology improves and methods change, we adjust on the fly in the realms of plant health, organic insect control and organic lawn care.

After all, the fundamental principle of plant health care is that an entire landscape is viewed as one collective ecosystem. Our well-trained arborists and plant health care specialists continuously produce information advantageous to improving and maintaining health and beauty.

Our plant care specialists use over 20 identifiers to determine best practices, which in turn produce vibrant landscapes that increase longevity. Their assessments for plant vitality are done via scouting, which includes: identifying and examining plant material, determining its health; identifying any abnormalities, and if any exist determining if they are caused by insects, disease or abiotic disorders; looking at soil health and type, and aspects like nutrient and PH levels; gathering history of the landscape for background information; and figuring out whether plant location or other activity play a role in factors relating to health.

Call Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. today at (313) 884-1699 and speak with one of our many experts who will assure that your property and ecosystem is in tip-top shape as the best is yet to come.