Winter is just around the corner. It is an important time of year to address possible negative consequences to trees and other plant life that surround your home.

One of those effects includes drying out. Trees and shrubs can be susceptible to this during cold winter months, due to water not being able to be properly “delivered” to plants and roots. That’s usually a result of the ground being too cold, or frozen. Hence, plants have to use whatever water is stored in their stems and leaves — a dangerous scenario for plants like evergreen shrubs and trees that don’t ditch their leaves during the season.

The process of winterizing is vital, even if treating their trees and plants can be an afterthought in the cold weather and around the holidays. But in doing so, you protect the greenery from the elements.

One thing people can do is actually construct wind blocks around such plants, trees and shrubs, essentially shielding them from brutal winds and precipitation. Or, they can use burlap to wrap the tree as protection — allowing for light to hit the top of the plant while deflecting things like salt drift. However, those methods don’t really present viable solutions.

Instead, protecting plants from desiccation, or drying out, can be accomplished with a simple spray. In the case of evergreen foliage, a spray coating can help alleviate any nourishment issues by preserving water from escaping. And such sprays are biodegradable, protecting the plant during the winter but disappear by the time spring’s warmth arrives. Sometimes it’s better to spray multiple times, especially when winter levels are abhorrent and consistent.

When applying anti-desiccant spray, make sure the plant is dry and will have time to dry post-spray. Plants should be dormant when spray is applied, and should be sprayed from top to bottom.

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