Caring about trees takes more than just a genteel demeanor and a watchful eye. The fact is, trees are complex organisms that work in the background and can have a major impact on your landscape and home.

Just like with everything else in life, experts exist in the field of taking care of these magnificent specimens: arborists. They are the caretakers of trees, people who are trained and specialized to understand the needs of individual trees and provide proper care as necessary.

There is more that goes into tree health and acknowledgment than the common person may believe — methods that can lead to great returns in your personal and financial lives. And not everything associated with trees should be handled by a homeowner with home improvement store products and a chainsaw.

Take pruning for example. There is a methodology that goes with pruning trees, involving science and an art of understanding the best and safest way to get the job done. Arborists can come to your property, residential or commercial, and prune to your personal liking without it being detrimental to your tree. When arborists trim or remove limbs, they pay attention to multiple things at once, such as knowing to avoid utilities and power structures, not impeding streets or sidewalks in a community, properly cleaning up debris in a post-storm situation, and knowing the right way to discard dead, rotted or weak branches for the longterm health of the tree.

In addition to pruning, arborists are experts at identifying insect-based risks to your trees. Diseases and pests can run amok and leave a harmful trail, some so destructive that one or many trees could ultimately pay the price and have to be removed. Locating such species and ridding them before it’s too late is part of the arborist’s playbook.

Other reasons to hire an arborist includes the obvious: The vast majority of people and neither skilled nor trained when it comes to properly taking care of a tree’s needs. If you decide you are going to cut a tree limb off yourself and it falls on your neighbor’s property, you will likely get sued. Maybe a branch might snap and fall in a direction other than what you predicted, damaging that new vehicle in your driveway that you just purchased. Not to mention that arborists should be the ones to decipher whether a tree is a lost cause or if some hope remains.

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