The summer brings with it some hot weather and a happier feeling across the globe. But it’s not all sunshine and butterflies.

Summer weather can be so dangerously warm and that can negatively impact your trees due to droughts and unbearable heat. There are certain things you, as a homeowner, should be adept to when it comes to keeping your trees glistening in the sun.

First, be wary of the landscape. While you surely don’t want your lawn turning yellow, you also need to look up and see the trees. There could be pesky insects invading your space, causing internal and/or external damage to trees — which in turn lead to diseases and even worse scenarios. Arborists can aid in this regard.

Monitoring tree canopies and pruning branches that are dead, diseased or pose safety threats is a good starting point. Summer is also that time of year when severe weather rolls in more frequently, which can cause damage to trees, power lines, and even homes. Making sure tree limbs are strong and vibrant can help alleviate branches from completely falling down, causing injury or a financial pain in the neck.

It all starts with the soil, though. Healthy soil, complete with nutrients and compaction and the right amount of acidity, will lead to conditions that are more prone to tree liveliness — even mirroring forest-type soils. When a tree grows in such conditions, with healthy soil, it can help reduce or eliminate the presence of pests, diseases, and stresses caused by the environment.

When it comes to watering trees in the hottest time of year, be vigilant. Check weather patterns and reports, so if a massive rainfall or consecutive days of rainfall are upon your town, forego any extra watering that would damage the root structure.

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