The month of April started with a dusting of snow and cool temperatures, but that is supposedly the end of Michigan’s notoriously wild weather patterns. Spring is here and it’s time to get serious again about your trees, plants, and lawn. Utilizing the services of Camelot Tree and Shrub Co. will kick the winter blues and get your property in tip-top shape.  

Our company cares deeply about the health and vitality of the environment, and our various products and services reflect that pledge of maintaining a solid ecosystem for us all—both humans and plants—to live well. 

We show that every day by way of the products we use and services we endorse. When the spring season comes, it’s a wealth of opportunity to address possibly impending issues involving insects, pests and diseases that are customary this time of year. Our safe and organic practices prevent and treat problems the right way. It is an eco-friendly approach that impacts your plants, lawn, shrubs, trees, gardens and pests for years to come. 

Our seasoned arborists and plant care specialists possess decades of collective experience and adjust with the times, bringing our customers the newest and improved products to increase productivity and longevity. It’s our goal to solve problems quickly and efficiently. But more importantly, we want to prevent any issues from arising in the first place, setting up a plan that works best for your property and the aspects of your environment you most admire and want to preserve. 

Our experts’ assessments for plant vitality are done via scouting, which includes: identifying and examining plant material, determining its health; identifying any abnormalities, and if any exist determining if they are caused by insects, disease or abiotic disorders; looking at soil health and type, and aspects like nutrient and PH levels; gathering history of the landscape for background information; and figuring out whether plant location or other activity play a role in factors relating to health. 

Spring is here, so don’t waste any more time! Call Camelot Tree & Shrub Co. today at (313) 884-1699 and get the environmental head start your property deserves.