It’s almost the end of the year and it seems like everyone has some kind of New Year’s resolutions. As 2020 looms, think about things you want to change not only about yourself, but the things in your life that are important to you.

We are talking about our organic lawn care program and all the benefits it provides to our customers, in terms of safety, longevity and general beauty. Our organic lawn care program separates us from the competition because it’s better. Check out some of the benefits.

First of all, organic lawn care is safer than the alternative — for you, your children and your pets. It is also safer for the environment when compared with synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Soil quality increases, allowing for better retaining water and nutrients.

Synthetic pesticides and fertilizers destroy beneficial organisms in a lawn’s ecosystem. That, in turn, leads to a situation where the lawn develops its own type of addiction, “calling out” for the chemicals more and more.

And then there’s the cost, or lack thereof. Organic care will lead to significant financial savings, even after one full year of use. Over a two-year period, the savings will be just as noticeable.

There are also simultaneous benefits while employing organic care on your home lawn. While you significantly reduce pests and balance your local ecosystem, you also create an overall better lawn structure that results in better mowing, watering and fertilizing due to the existence of a naturally stronger and healthier lawn.

Safety may ultimately be the biggest benefit, though. The National Academy of Sciences states that lawn pesticides negatively impact the health of every one in seven people. Numerous studies link lawn chemicals to cancer and other long-term diseases. Other studies also link exposure to artificial lawn chemicals to an increase cancer risk, as well as health issues in pets.

Children and pets are especially at risk to negative health consequences due to their size, physiological development and proximity to the ground.

Contact Camelot today at 313-884-1699 and commit to an organic lawn in 2020. We’re offering a discount to those who set up next year’s program now. You’ll feel better about your impact on the health of the environment and those nearest and dearest AND you’ll reap the rewards with a beautiful lush lawn.