It’s been a long ride for us at Camelot Tree & Shrub Co.

Our company started in 1989 as an independent licensed ornamental pruning company. But as time has passed, we knew we had to keep up with the times and offer more services than the competition. While doing so, we knew we had to offer products and services for all landscapes, with safety precautions and assuring that work gets completed without posing risk to anything or anyone.

Clint Sherrill, the president of Camelot, started the company with a vision. Being a certified arborist and certified commercial pesticide applicator license holder himself, he understands the tricks of the trade that have helped the company succeed, grow and thrive well into this current century.

As time has passed, Clint Sherrill has passed on the redeeming principles of learning, growing and providing the best possible customer service down to all of his employees. A lot of knowledge is accumulated after 35 years in an industry, and that in turn leads to decades of experience and a feel for how to conduct business in the right way.

Camelot has been on the board of the Arboriculture Society of Michigan (ASM) for 5 years, sponsors multiple associations within the industry, and our arborists aide in teaching others within the industry.

By providing numerous services for people from all backgrounds and communities, we know how to identify problems and most importantly, prevent them before they begin. Whether your lawn needs to be touched, or you just want to cut pesky branches hanging too low off a tree, that’s only the tip of the iceberg of the work we do — and that is work done in a completely eco-friendly and organic manner, with an emphasis on keeping the world as safe or better as we found it.

As the leading provider of tree and shrub care services, we take great pride in offering you and your family the best service possible. Today, Camelot continues to operate on the same principles that existed when we first started this venture. Now, because of our experts and people like you, we have become a leader in the green industry.

Experience our talents by taking advantage of our organic and all-encompassing solutions. Give us a call today at (313) 884-1699.